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Carpet For Dining Room |

Vaas’ means to reside or dwell, and Shastra’ means mathematics that literally it’s science of buildings or houses. Vaastu prescribes the furniture should be put and many different rooms of the house such as the dining room should be oriented in terms of construction and direction. Vaastu informs you how you should arrange your dining room furniture in a way that is auspicious, in the best fashion. The Vaastu of dining room furniture and this dining room is said to affect the effect that eating will have on you and your loved ones.

The fundamentals of Vaastu indicate that the direction is the section of the house. There are also directives for the dining room furniture: the dining table, shouldn’t be set from the wall and there needs to be space all over the dining table to move comfortably. The dining table may be of a square or rectangle shape.

Like the tenets of Feng Shui, Vaastu also needs the dining room to be free from clutter and to not be crowded with too much furniture. If the dining room is an open dining space; i.e. one that merges with or into the kitchen and / or the drawing room space, there should be a distinction made for the dining room space by demarcating using a screen or any potted plants.

Back in Vaastu, not only are there any instructions for arranging dining room furniture such as the dining table and the dining chairs but also many members of the family should be seated. It is suggested that the family’s parents must sit facing the North, North East, or Eastern instructions. It is also suggested that if the children be seated in the house, they gain control or that specific direction and impose their own will upon their parents!

In keeping with ancient Indian traditions of creatures being considered sacred, Vaastu advises that before starting the meal, a few offering should be made into a cow, crow or dog. It is deemed inadvisable to have a toilet starting out to the dining room or adjoining to. Since there is much emphasis put on the true construction of this space and not just the placement of the dining room furniture, it’s suggested that the dining table shouldn’t be put below a beam. The colour palette for the walls of your dining room considered suitable by Vaastu are orange or pink or non- relaxing and jarring colors like cream, or yellow.


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